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April 25th 2020

Hey Cosmonauts! 🚀

It’s a busy month in the Cosmos ecosystem with the Cross-Chain Hackathon in full swing and gearing up for Game of Zones.



  • New online workshop - build a gaming app in two hours
  • Check out Ready Layer One starting May 4th
  • Prizes galore with Game of Zones and Cross-Chain Hackathon
  • Upcoming All in Bits ATOM re-delegation program 
  • If you are interested in receiving our engineering updates, sign up to the new Cosmos Engineering Updates


$24k in ATOMs available in prize pool 

The Cross-Chain hackathon sponsored by Cosmos, Agoric and Band Protocol kicked off April 20th. Cosmos has a $15k ATOM prize pool for IBC apps alone! This is the time to try your hand at IBC prior to launch. 

  • Details on the hackathon
  • Get virtual events directly in your calendar 👇


New online workshop: how to build a gaming app

With the current situation, we moved Cosmos dev workshops online. The first one is for Golang developers interested in trying out the Cosmos SDK and building a scavenger hunt gaming application. 🙏 Fill out the form below to register and get all the details in your inbox. 

  • Tutorial: Scavenger Hunt

  • Date: May 11th

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Presenter: Billy Rennekamp, Interchain Gmbh and Interchain Foundation


Apply now for the ‘All in Bits’ ATOM re-delegation program

All in Bits is re-evaluating its ATOM delegations for the first time since the Cosmos Hub launch. Validators are being evaluated based on their contributions to the Cosmos Network (blog announcement). To be considered, you’ll need to fill out the form by April 26th. We’ll provide an update on the review process shortly 


Game of Zones registration ends this week - let the games begin!

If you plan on competing in the highly anticipated Game of Zones, don’t forget to sign up by April 26th. The GoZ commencement ceremony starts May 1st.  All the details on the game, challenges and what to expect can be found in the rules of engagement blog post.

Currently about 26  separate Cosmos SDK-based testnets have established IBC connections to each other's testnets!

* IBC relay state made by P2P Validator 👇


🗣 Community conversations

▶️ Watch the new video from our IBC bi-weekly (April 23rd)

▶️ Watch the new video from CosmWasm community call (April 21st)

🎙 Interchain Foundation discusses with NASDAQ on the future global financial system Tune in

🗣 Band Protocol’s Guide to Building Defi with the Cosmos SDK - Read more

🗣 Cyber Congress tool kit for launching Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint based projects - Read more


🗣 Agoric details the design of ‘Dynamic IBC’- Read more 

🗣 Terra announces CHAI, as a popular mobile payments application, integrates with Toomics and Happy Money - Read more

📣 Cosmos is one of ShapeShift's top five picks for crypto projects in 2020 - Read more 

📣 Crypto Briefing: Healthcare Gets a Dose of Open-Source, But Will It Cure Coronavirus? with Ethan Buchman, Interchain Foundation - Read more 


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🗓 Events & meetups

April 27th: Cosmos Governance Working group 

April 29th: "How COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Transformation of Global Financial Systems” with Ethan Buchman, Informal Systems *Proceeds go to support Toronto’s local COVID response charities Tune in 

April 29th: SKALE Block Insider series: Building in High Turbulence with Sunny Aggarwal Tune in

May 4th: DeFi Discussions: Trustlessness is Overrated: Undercollateralized Lending through Web of Trusts with Sunny Aggarwal - Tune in

May 4th -6th: Ready Layer One with Cosmos, NEAR, Polkadot, Tezos, Protocol Labs, Celo and Solana - available tickets for the Cosmos community (while supplies last) - Tune in

May 11th: Scavenger Hunt Tutorial with Billy Rennekamp - Tune in

May 12th: Consensus:Distributed "Foundations" event - Tune in


Cosmos Meetups

Join Cosmos meetups anywhere you are in the world: Cosmos is Worldwide on Meetup.comDon’t see a Meetup near you? Contact Cosmos Admin

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